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Wild-grown words

About Me

I'm Rhiannon, a poet, editor and creative mentor from the wilds of the Welsh borders.  For the last fifteen years I have taught creative writing in universities, village halls, lecture theatres and the occasional barn.

But there is so much more to writing than simply learning to write what publishers want to publish.


I believe passionately that creativity is the key to living a fulfilling, meaningful life, so I work to equip you with sustainable, authentic modes of creative practice.  I help you write down to your roots and re-establish a sense of connectedness with the world around you, whether you have written before or not.

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The quality, depth and originality of the writing prompts has been extraordinary.  Each one has been unique, inviting and thought-provoking.  Writing made me calmer, more present to my own life and, often, more observant and grateful for what was around me.

Jane Willis, Writer

Rhiannon was always so positive and clear in her feedback and I have come away with a host of new ideas that I would  never have attempted without her support. I would highly recommend her courses, so don't hesitate - sign up.

Tina Cole, Poet


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