A Year of Wild Words

Four seasonal writing courses, each lasting a month, to ground your creativity in the turning year, and help you build a sustainable, daily creative habit.


The Wild Words courses are built on the philosophy that creativity should be organic, low pressure, plentiful, and joyful.

The courses are made up of daily writing prompts, delivered to you each morning for a month, and focused on finding inspiration in the world around us.

These prompts allow you to devote as much or as little time to your creativity each day as you would like.

Rewild your Writing

Each Wild Words course works independently: you can sign up for one, two, three, or all four. 


Perhaps you struggle to feel creative through the winter months, and would like a creative boost in January.  Perhaps you know that Spring and Summer are your most creative times of the year and want to capitalise on this, in which case the course can provide a gentle structure.

First and foremost, Wild Words will provide you with inspiration atuned to the changing seasons, and introduce an element of sustainable practice to help keep you writing through the year.  Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers, Wild Words is for anyone who would like to live more creatively, write more, or make an authentic connection with the natural world.



"The quality, depth and originality of the writing prompts has been extraordinary. Each one has been unique, inviting and thought-provoking. After writing each day, I felt immensely proud of having created something. It didn’t matter too much whether it was the best writing. What mattered was the feeling of agency, empowerment, expression and joy at having created something. Writing made me calmer, more present to my own life and, often, more observant and grateful for what was around me. You have been hugely generous in what you have created for us. Thank you."


Wild Words courses run in:

July, October, January and April

Places are £25 each - please see below for the next available course

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Wild Words: Winter


Cold settles across the land like a spell.  In the wood, each leaf and twig are edged in frost, and from the ice-clogged fields rises a fog that blooms into lilac as the moon rises.  The heron's eye glints pewter.  The earth has seized into stone, but nearby, smoke rises against the frayed edge of the forest, and light dances against the cold like amber, like a long-awaited welcome.

Join us in January for a warming month of creative

prompts in celebration of winter! 


You can now pre-book a place on the Wild Words: Winter

course for £25 per person


If you have any questions at all regarding what I do and how you might benefit from it, please feel free to use this form to contact me.




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